Monday, November 20, 2017

Biannual meeting of preschool education teachers

At the biannual meeting of preschool education teachers (Center no 1) held at "Excellence" Kindergarten on 17 November 2017, our team shared the latest news about "From the forest to the sea!" Erasmus+ project.
Workshops, debates and presentation on mathematical education were held during the meeting and in this framework, our team presented the best practices in math education using innovative methods and strategies and traditional/folk stories from the European countries, partners in the project  - Estonia, Portugal and Belgium.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Every year there is a Teacher Conference for all Tallinn kindergarten teachers. It is for sharing good practices and projects. There can take part one teacher from every kindergarten (there is 126 municipal kindergartens + privet kindergartens). It is very popular, because of the things they share and you can gather ideas for your own kindergarten.

This year it was called "Happy kindergarten day" and there was 21 presentations. Among them also us!! Me, Helina, and Ingrid where the ones to tell about our project. Our presentation started with Romanian traditional story "The name of Tachirghiol". When Ingrid read the story then I showed pictures that children have made and pictures of activities. After the story I told about the overall project - our objectives, activities. And also about transnational meetings. Hopefully we get also more people to view our blog!

Pictures from the conference:

Pictures made by teacher Anu!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Legend of Serra Monchique

Group age: 5-6 years
Integrated activity
Methods and strategies: quadrant, brainstorming, r.a.i,  aquarium, gallery tour

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Portugal traditional stories

How does it looks like the shells from Albufeira?

 Albufeira meeting offered the opportunity that our children to find out the answer: "these shells are different but it are very beautiful!".
More than that all of us found out that you are a wonderful team,  you are very interested in giving your students an appropriate education and you share all your experiences with joy, you have an extraordinary cultural heritage and you offer a rare hospitality.
Your ideas, opinions and enthusiasm were most helpful and will assist us in making valuable improvements to our program. 
Romanian team wish you all the best!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Activity with Legend of Rocha Beach

TOPIC: Legend of Rocha Beach. Mermaids, sea, fishermen.


- The child knows the legend of Rocha Beach. 
- The child knows who is mermaid, that she lives in the water and breathes on the land.
- The child knows the differences of the land from the sea, they know who lives in the sea and what grows on the land.
- The child can themselves make a fishing hook from wood stick.
- The child knows who's a fisherman.

TOOLS: The legend of Rocha Beach, an image of mermaid, a large A1 paper, white paper, crayons, fishing hook, wood sticks, string, modeling clay, tack tape.

PREPARATION: Printing out images of mermaid and the legend. Drawing mermaids sitting on the rocks on two A1 papers. On one paper also drawing the waves of the sea and to other land and montains. Tack tape the pictures one on tabel and the other to the other tabel. Also put some crayons beside them. Put ready white note papers and crayons. Also wood sticks, rope, modeling clay. Make one big tabel to everybody can sit around.

The children have heard the legend of Roch Beach once before. The teacher tells it again and they have a conversation about it. So everybody understands it.
Then teachers shows two big pictures of the mermaid. Now every child has to choos if they want to be the farmer or the fishermen. Some children couldn't decide like the mermaid. But in the end everybody made a choice. Then they had to draw the things that are good on land or in the sea.

Now we make the fishing hook. At first we observe and investigate real fishing hook. Then everybody tries to make one themselves. They had to tie the string to the wood sticks (with little help of teacher and assistant). On the end of the string they made little worm from modelling clay. Then everybody got a piece of paper and they draw fishes on it. And fishing game was ready. They put fishes into a box and started fishing with fishing hook.

Outdoor activity with Legend of Rocha Beach

TOPIC: Fairy tales - using Portuguese legend of Rocha Beach 

KID'S AGE: 6-7A 

GOALS: Environment and me, language and speech, movement, art.  
• The child listens to the Portuguese fairy tale "Legend of Rocha Beach." 
• The child is enjoying activity on the beach and in the forest. 
• The child can name a variety of fish species, flowers and various types of fruits. 
• The child embodies different characters (fisherman, farmer, mermaid and fish, fruit, flowers, sand, sea, mountain) and plays through the story of a fairy tale. 
• The child uses natural material at his own discretion. 

• Fairy tale "Legend of Rocha Beach." 
• Empty white papers and pencil. 
• All natural materials that attract attention and can be used on the beach or in the woods. 

• Go to the Pirita beach.
• Listen to the fairy tale. 
• Analyzing fairy tales. 
• Writing the fairy tales characters on the notes and everybody draws one. 

• Embody your character. 

• Discovering riches of the beach and selectively picking them.

• Discovering the riches of the forest and selectively picking them.

• Desired use of natural material. 

Summary: The action turned out to be a fun adventure for a couple of hours on the beach and in the forest. We saved a jellyfish who was stranded on the sand and we also observed very active crow. We walked in wet long grass and compared the aroma of the beach with the scent of a forest. We enjoied becoming the characters and also playing the legend, and just the beauty of being in nature. With the girls we made so-called photo shoot titled - "Autumn decorations in the hair."

 The end